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      Another newbie....

      Hi all have just come to look on this site as we want to move to Oz in the next couple of years but not sure where we want to go as yet. We were looking at Queensland but we've been told that Adelaide may be better for painting jobs. What I have read so far has been really encouraging.

      We are a family of 4 and we are coming over on a student visa. Although not sure what I'll be studying yet as looking at what jobs I can get at the end of course. Hubby will be looking for a painting job with a view to sponsorship and our 2 girls will be at school.

      We can't wait to get over there.

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      Hi and welcome to the site. Have a good browse around, and remember there is a search facility - might be worth searching on 'painting' as there may well have been threads with some advice on that.

      How old are your girls? Adelaide is a great place for bringing up a family I think: it is often the 'forgotten corner' of Australia I find, but we've lived here nearly eight years now - our kids were 7 and 9 when we moved here - and it's a very friendly place.

      After exploring the site, if there are any questions you have, ask away - usually someone has an answer or two to just about everything!
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      Hi thanks Diane I have had a really good look round and we really liked the look of Adelaide and the sound of it. We have family on the Gold Coast who were thinking of moving to Adelaide and they wanted us near them when we move out. They have now decided to stay on the Gold Coast so it looks like we may be going there instead. Although if it doesn't work out there we may end up in Adelaide as we both like the area. Our girls are 12 and 10 so should fit in well.



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