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    Thread: Seriously thinking....

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      Seriously thinking....

      Hi All,

      I'm a single 27 year old British female who is seriously considering moving to Australia.

      As you can imagine this is fairly daunting!!

      I'm due to finish my accountancy qualifications in summer 2013. I currently own a house in England and I'm working full time as a Finance Manager.

      I'm really looking for a better, healthier lifestyle with plenty of sunshine!!

      Where should I start?

      I would appreciate any kind of help or feedback and especially if you have been, or are in, a similar situation to me.


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      Hi you need to speak to a reputable migration agent...Have you ever visited Australia and if so where are you thinking of settling? Each "state" is so different to another.... Message me if you need any further details ....

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      Hi, I would start off by Google searching emigrating to Australia, search will bring up migration agents and you can have brochures mailed to you. A migration agent will be able to access your qualifications and experience, and tell you which visa you may achieve. Also worth visiting an emigration fair, its where we started. Went to one in coventry, think we just Google searched 'Coventry emigration fair' , gives you a good insight into whats involved. After visiting fair and finding out all involved, it stalled us for a few months, then we went through another British winter, then it was what ever it takes we're out of here.
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      Hey, let me know if you want to chat - I'm also a 27 year old British female... I came out to Adelaide on my own in 2007. My first year and a bit was in a share house of 6 in Glenelg - strongly recommend sharing to get to know people, have an instant support network and group of people to socialise with, even if it's only for 6 months or a year. It was quite a shock going back to sharing after uni, but well worth it. I also suggest living either somewhere like the city centre, or in a more 'tourist' or studenty area, such as Glenelg, as there's lots more going on socially, rather than being out in suburbia, even if that floats your boat later on. Let me know if you want to chat some more :) Cheers



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