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      Hi rachel - welcome to the site......ive just been reading your post about query on medical - as jen said all those things are pretty straight forward, however..........I did have a breast examination and know others that had it as weel - ive had no history whatsoever of breast problems......I think it really depends on what doctor you see.

      It was a bit of a shock, as I wasnt expecting it - and I had to strip right down to knickers only....... :oops:

      ...you'll be fine.

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      dp n dd
      Hi Rachael,

      just to add to what Sarah said, the chaps also have to
      de-trouser for the 'cough test' - yes, there was 'cupping' :shock:
      unluckily for me i hadn't expected this either and had gone 'commando'
      ... a sheet of paper towel restored eye contact while I was laying on the couch for reflexes etc. :oops: :oops:
      apart from that it was v easy!

      Paul n Jeanette

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      Our meds were much more basic and no removal of clothes involved (thank god :shock: )

      We had eyes test, ears checked, height, weight, blood pressure, blood tests, urine test, quick feel round stomach area, no other feeling or cupping involved :roll:

      It certainly seems to depend on the doctor but we were happy - the doc was from oz and most of our medical involved chatting and getting tips 8)


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      Re: Newbie

      Quote Originally Posted by jen/nee
      Hi Everybody

      Yeh another newbie. We are looking to go to aus just in early stages, talking to gomatilda. My husband is a welder by trade and we have been told that we will be able to go the 136 route. Not sure at this moment of where! Adelaide is coming out top but as for the job front their seems to be more in Perth and Brisbane. He has just applied for a job in brisbane which will pay for everything waiting for a reply. Anybody have any answers to whether it should be Adelaide or Brisbane? When I say welder he does off-shore work, pressure vessels that sort of industry. Also like most do we go for an agent or do it for are selfs.

      Hi Jen

      Its Sarah & Neil, been speaking to you through the Brisbane site. How are you getting on, any nearer to deciding where to go?

      We just sent off first lot of forms to Go Matilda, nearly ready for TRA application!


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      Sue & Ash
      hi jen!

      welcome to this site - haha! i am new myself :D
      well, posting anyways, lurking around alot

      we are also at the very beginning and are also like many others it seems with gomatilda!

      only yesterday i've sent a huge email to them with all of OH's details (he's an electrician - so we'll go for 136modl ... i think ...)
      and we can't wait to start with the 'actual' TRA!!

      fingers crossed
      have you decided yet where to go??

      we'll be going to adelaide. mainly because our best friends moved out there 3 years ago and might give us a headstart.

      good luck


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      Hi Sarah/Sue

      No where nearer to where we are going!! But I think we are going solo as we feel ours is pretty striaghtforward and we could save all that money. Just waiting on the one city & guild certificate have everthing else the main thing we needed was my O/H indentures which we have now found yiphee.. :) We are going the route of a 136 visas but applying for jobs so if we got an offer we could go on a 457 and complete the 136 in Australia. We just need the TRA now so not far off getting that sorted. Think we have got a solicitor that works in house for my O/H campany who can certify everything at no cost which would be fab. Did ring the magistrates courts in Chester and they Charge a fee of 85 , but if we weren't paying an agent it would be worth it just to make an appointment and it all be done.

      Just wish we had TRA then their are loads of jobs he could apply for. Watch this space hence that is why we are not quite sure where to go.

      Jen :) :) :)


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