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      Hi Everybody

      Yeh another newbie. We are looking to go to aus just in early stages, talking to gomatilda. My husband is a welder by trade and we have been told that we will be able to go the 136 route. Not sure at this moment of where! Adelaide is coming out top but as for the job front their seems to be more in Perth and Brisbane. He has just applied for a job in brisbane which will pay for everything waiting for a reply. Anybody have any answers to whether it should be Adelaide or Brisbane? When I say welder he does off-shore work, pressure vessels that sort of industry. Also like most do we go for an agent or do it for are selfs.


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      Welcome to the site :lol:

      We are off next month and my OH is a metal polisher by trade. We have a friend that has just come back from Adelaide and says there are fabrication shops all over the place :D

      We used Go Matilda too and cannot recommend them enough they were fantastic - specially with the TRA! Good Luck


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      Hello and welcome

      Wherever you decide hope its the right decision. Adelaide chose us as we only had enough points to get into Adelaide (its a low population or growth area, something like that).

      Not looked at any other areas, but Adelaide looks great, and if you do decide to go there, you will make lots of friends on this site who are all off to the same place.


      Julia & Steve

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      Thanks for your welcome.

      We have had an email this morning from a recruitment agency which are phoning use this evening to have a chat. This company are acting for a company who would pay for everything from visas to flight tickets. So fingers crossed.

      I would say that our application would be pretty straightforward as my OH has all his trade certs .

      Can I ask when you have your medicals what is the sort of things they check for? Do they check your medical records only I had Depression 20yers ago when I got divorced, the reason I ask this is from past experience how it is frowned on.

      I wish I was jumping on the plane specially with this weather 8)



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      Just wanted to let you know the medicals are no biggie. I got myself in a real flap about them especially as I had heart surgery as a child and my oldest child has a congenital problem with his shoulder. I was convinced they'd be refered.

      All they do is take a bit of blood, check reflexes, look in your mouth (God knows what for!) look in your ears, just to make sure they can't see daylight I think Ask you to read an eyetest chart, have a feel of your tum and send you off for your chest X-ray. No stripping off required :)

      I think you'll be fine as your depression was so long ago and was to do with a specific event in your life rather than being a chronic thing.

      Anyway I hope this puts your mind at rest a bit, Good luck.

      Jen :D

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      Thanks jen for that. Its put my mind at rest. I have just been on web checking are BMI mine is 19.77 and OH is 27.05 so it looks like we are ok om that one.

      When do you go Jen? :D :D

      Lisa I like the Web -site . I have just been on the yellow pages site and seeingmy OH Served his time in a Shipyad Adelaide has got a big shipyard so I think it wortha cv going over you never know.

      Bye for now :) :) :)

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      Hi again Jen,

      We are planning on going in October, I would happily get on a plane tommorrow but we need to do some hard saving first as there's 5 of us to get over there and support.

      Great name by the way :lol:


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      Hi Jen
      My husband is also a welder/fabricator but for stainless steel etc, he currently makes exhaust systems for boats. If you have any companies that you know are looking for welders (and will pay for migration) could you let me know? we too are just starting out, moving to Adelaide and contacting Go Matilda.
      Rachael :D

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      Yes Jen its a brill name :D :D :D :D

      Rachael we have registered with seek.com anything 1 to 19 jobs come threw each day.

      We had an agent contact us saying we could be out there in as little as 8 weeks :o :o but it turns out that O/H is over qualified we have decided to go the root of the 136 but if a job offer comes up we will go out on 457 so we wont loose either way . O/H does work for off-shore, defence and petro-chemical industry. We just need to get his City & Guilds part 2 for Shipbuilding. We are lucky we have got his personnel file from his apprentership. The only thing we might have to get is new passports cause they expire in July 2009 .

      Also go on Yellowpages.com.au and search for companies that way we are just sending O/H CV everywhere they can either say no or not respond but they might say yes.


      Jen : :) :) :) :)

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      That's a great help.
      Thank you.
      R :D


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