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      Smile Hello from Wantage

      Hello to you all on PIA. What a great site.

      My wife and I have been talking about moving to Oz for a little while now and it looks like all the talking might finally be turning to action!
      Neither of us have ever been to Oz but I have a pretty good idea of what to expect as I am constantly watching the cricket from there and have also watched 'wanted down under'. Seriously though, that's why sites like this are so good, you can speak directly to people who have made the move and those who will be relocating soon.
      We are both drawn to Adelaide but would consider other places. I guess it depends on the work situation. I am a quantity surveyor mainly dealing with ground and civil engineering works. So any of you in the know about construction work around Adelaide, your comments would be welcome.
      We have made a rough timetable of 2 years. It may seem a long time but I am right at the start of a college course, so moving while I am still doing it is not on the cards. I also need the course for my Visa application (I think). Also the children will still be young enough not to worry too much about friends, I hope (they are 5 & 2).
      Anyway enough already. I look forward to chatting with you all.

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      Hello to you all and welcome to the site
      It took us 5years to pluck up the courage to apply (or should I say for Stephen to talk me into it), it's a big step but one I now believe is best for us and the kids
      I'm sure someone will answer all your questions soon
      Good luck with the application and the course

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      Welcome to PIA,

      2 years will soon fly by with the course and when you start getting serious with the skill assessment and visa application.

      Good luck


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      Welcome to PIA ,I lived in Abingdon back in the 80's, your not far from Witney where the greatest real ale in the world is brewed in the form of Hobgoblin, couldn't send us a couple of barrels:),

      Good luck


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      hello and welcome to pia
      this sure is a great site especially if you want to know adelaide!
      check out www.adelaidebound.com !!!

      good luck with your new adventure!

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      we like yourselves are only at the homework part of things, loads to find out and in the couple of weeks i,ve been on poms in adelaide i,ve found so much help either directly or prom
      pting with various sites,theres usually an answer or 2 or 3 for every question so ask away


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