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      Question Remaining Relative Visa

      Hi All, we need some information please. My husband and I would like to migrate from SA to Australia on a Remaining Relative Visa. My husbands Mom and Sister lives in Aus, his dad in Zambia and brother in the USA. He does not have any contact with his Dad and Brother. We do have children that will remain in SA ages 25 and 26. We don't know of any one that's gone to Aus on a RR Visa. Will we be able to apply for this visa even if we leave our children in SA.
      your help will be greatly appreciated.

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      If you are eligible you should check out the waiting times,our daughter stayed in England when we emmigrated, now 15 years later wants to live in Aus,yes she is eligible, I am 60 and my wife is 59 years old, the waiting list when she applied last year was 10.5 years,a joke, last remaining relatives are low priority, she has been told thru' applicants dropping out for one reason or another she might not have to wait so long,do your research your case may be different.

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      My understanding of this visa is that you have to have NO remaining family other than the ones in Australia - I maybe wrong?

      We spoke to 2 migration experts recently who said the wait was currently around 15 years. One described this visa as "clunky and hates it" and they both said they wouldn't deal with these visa's.



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