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      harrison family

      Adelaide or Perth for Brickies ?

      Hi everyone

      We are new to this site, we have started the process of getting our visas hubby is doing bricklaying assessment in april in accrington. We have family in Adelaide and Perth. We obviousley need to be where the work is for OH. He has ran his own building business for the last 20years in the UK. We need some time as a family now. We just don't know which area will be best for us apperently the work is drying up in Perth for brickies, and Adelaide is where Perth was 5years ago is this true ?
      We also have 2 daughters 16 & 12 who enjoy socialising and shopping will Adelaide give us what they need ?

      sorry for all the questions just trying to get some ideas

      Kind regards,

      Sallie (37), Lee (old), Francesca (16) & Kirsty(12)

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      Hi All
      Sorry can't answer your questions but just wanted to say welcome to the site I'm sure someone will be able to offer advice
      Good luck with your decision and application

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      Welcome to PIA,

      Can't give any news first hand but I have read a thread on PIO that brickies are finding it difficult to find work in Perth.



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