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      We came over last April with no reccie - never even been to OZ

      I am glad we done it this way - a reccie or holiday is nowhere near the same as living here plus the money we saved went on more important things when we arrived. In our minds we knew we really wanted to leave to UK, had little expectations, were not looking for a paradise and were determined to make a go of it so here we are!!!

      Cannot say which is right or wrong about having a reccie or not - it is down to how confident you feel and if you are the sort of person that can just take a deep breath and jump!!


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      Quote Originally Posted by dglamoore View Post
      In our minds we knew we really wanted to leave to UK, had little expectations, were not looking for a paradise and were determined to make a go of it so here we are!!!

      this is the attitude that is needed. I think far too many people come with high expectations, only to find this is just another country with some of the same probs as the Uk and some different ones!

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      Rob and Clare
      We did a reccie, well kinda, spent 3 weeks driving from Sydney to Adelaide, spent 2 days in adelaide in total, and only in Glenelg and the City. This is possibly the worst way to visit, as we only saw the fantasic city and the best / busiest beach town. So we had rose tinted specs, we arrived in July, it was cold and wet, and it could never live upto those first impressions.

      After that I have to really agree with Sarah, lots of problems here, some similar to the Uk some different, but you settle get a job and move on, and love all the benefits Australia throws at you, and get used to the niggly things.

      I think the only benefit of a reccie is if your not sure where to live then have a look round, the south with the open and empty beaches, the west with the trendy beach side living, the north with it's more manicured suburbs, the east, well the east is the posh bit.... or finally the city, with it's city living....

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      We didn't have a reccie either.

      We don't regret it and have never regretted coming here. :)

      I don't really believe research necessarily helps an awful lot either* as I think that it is easy to believe -for some bizarre reason- that SA is definitely the place and see everything with rose-tinted glasses, then come over and be shocked!

      IMHO, I think that luck plays a huge part in successful migration. That and an open mind, willingness to get on with it, and a desire to blend in with the community. I'd put luck at the top of the list because no matter how much you visit, reccie, research or pray, you can't know how you are going to feel until you get here. The people that I know that have gone back, have done/are doing so because they miss family/friends/environment more than they could ever have guessed...or have found that their particular skill doesn't bring in the money they need -despite research to the contrary.

      So, we were glad to save the money but I suppose if you do have the money to spare or any concerns that photographs might just show the wonderful side of SA excluding warts , it might not be such a bad idea.
      *Is that contentious or what? I'm not for a minute suggesting that you shouldn't research!;)

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      Agree with all the previous replies. A reccie can't prepare you for what you are going to experience in the future. Our attitude is to get out there and get on with it. We know that we are going to hit some problems but will deal with them as we hit them. We understand that we need to be flexible in our approach, especially with work. Saying that we do have a bit of a plan..... Get over there, rent, research then ?buy/?build. We know that if its really not what we want we can return to UK at any time knowing that we have given our family a positive life experience. Saying that we have no intention of returning to UK, but we know its an option.


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