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      jill wright

      To go for a Reccie or not???

      Hi everyone

      My hubby was deadset on having a reccie first while we wait for the visa however taking into account airfares,accommadation etc he has now come round to my way of thinking that having parted with money for visa etc thats a commitment in itself and we should just go for it. Out of interest how many of you have too decided to go out blind so to speak?

      Thanks in advance I think its just the reassurance that other people out there are thinking along the same lines is what we're after

      Jill,Phil,Lucy,Daniel and Thomas

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      Hi Jill,

      The furthest south I've ever been is Ibiza, which is some way further than Tracey.

      We like you believe our money would be of better use when we get there for good. Each to there own but we have done loads of research :GEEK:and are confident the area has all we want. ;)

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      same here - no reccie for us!

      and again mostly so we can use the money we'd have to pay for 3 weeks holiday - for settling in and going that bit further quicker!!

      good luck!

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      We are going blind.... money plays a big part in this game and i need the lot to get set up!

      Good luck with your journey!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Hi, we have not been on a reccie, we thought about it but decided for us a short visit without having to go to work ect would not tell us if Adelaide or Australia would be where we want to settle. I know a couple who went on holiday to Melbourne and liked it, so then went on a 4 week reccie to check out housing and work with a view to moving, they still liked it so got a visa and went, 9 months later they were back in the UK.

      I'm not saying a reccie is a bad idea, just it may not make any difference to if you settle long term, I do understand not wanting to move to somewhere you have never been, but at least the saving you make on not haveing a reccie would pay for your flights back to UK:D;)


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      Richard & Amanda

      We never bothered with a reccie either.
      Had we had more time then we may have thought about it. Given we only started the process last August/September and got the visa in January there wasn't much time!

      I don't regret going on a reccie and am looking forward to the challenges which lie ahead!!!

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      Hi Jill
      I have been to Adelaide to visit family a few years ago so I feel at least I've seen the place but a few weeks hols doesn't give you an insight into living there. My OH has never been so he is going out blind. With the costs of the agent, visa's, meds, selling the house, shipping and airfares to get there we couldn't consider a recci so we tried to do lots of research online and save our money to allow a bit of breathing space when we get there to look around and get the feel for the place. Everyone is different though so it's up to you. Just think the money you will spend on a recci will probably finance a car when you get there for good

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      hi - if you can afford a reccie then go for it but personally i can't cos i cant afford it, but if you read loads and gen up on the place it wont be so strange. Get on google earth, its fantastic and you can see everything there. Not the real thing i know but at least its free!

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      We didnt reccie, and with hindsight we still wouldnt reccie. I personally think coming for a lookie is just that. You dont know a place till you have truely LIVED there and WORKED there. We have been here almost 2 years and are still finding things out!
      Save your money I would say!

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      Hi Jill, we got our visas beginning of December, after about eighteen months of waiting! We visited Australia last September and loved it, although didnt feel we found the right place for us, but didnt get chance to look at Adelaide and we decided we were just going to go out there when we got our visas and the money we considered on spending on a reccie we thought we would save until the big move and just travel around a bit and settle wherever we felt best.
      Since then we have received our visas and the reality of it all is quite daunting and my other half seemed to be worrying about everything, not knowing where we were going, work etc and we decided we needed a proper plan as it is such a big move and we have two children to consider also so we have decided it best to go again in May and make some final decisions from there and see what the work situation etc and for the extra few grand if you can manage it it could save you a lot of money in the long run as it is such a big move you need to make sure it is the right one! Hope this helps you make the right decision! I cant wait to go but i understand my other halfs worries as he is the sensible one whereas i would catch a flight tomorrow, but thats me! All the best Nicolette


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