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      taylor family

      getting there

      Hi lisa and to all you newbies. :D
      Sorry for not posting any replies over lsat 4 weeks been a bit down in dumps waiting for request for bond and house sale falling through but things are looking up we finally got request for bond today and by a stroke of luck got a cash sale on house so will be posting the bond sometime next week and within a few weeks should have holy visas.
      So lots to do as you well know please could you let me know the best way to get in touch with the oaa and what to do.
      many thanks lisa / alan and laura taylor :D :D :D

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      Hi Al and Laura,
      What great news. wont be long now we got out visa 4 weeks after we lodged the bond and that was with xmas in between.


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      Hi Alan and Laura

      Nice to see you back on here and great news on the house - looking forward to hearing you have that visa :lol:



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