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      Linn Family

      Recce Where to Stay

      Wondered if anybody could help us.

      We are looking at doing our recce in June. We kept trying to decide whether or not we needed to do one, but I don't feel comfortable moving all the way to Australia with 3 children without just having some sense of familiarity when we land. Anyway in order for us to do this recce we need to be on a budget, and I wondered if anybody could recommend somewhere cheap and cheerful to stay. We are going to come for 10 days in all but obviously dont want to spend a fortune on accomodation.

      Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated.

      Teresa and Chris

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      Hi there, have a look at www.adelaidebound.com. It has a section called Staying in South Australia which gives you a list of caravan parks, hotels, motels and B&B's with links for you to contact them directly. We stayed at Woodcroft Park when we first arrived and it was fine. There are caravans, chalets or villas depending on your budget and they have a small wildlife park there with kangaroos, a small pony, a llama, wallabies and chickens, all of which you can feed. I have pictures of our kids feeding the baby kangaroos and they were ecstatic! Good luck!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      If you have looked at areas to live in Adelaide and find it vast and unable to decide where to live join the club!! I have visited Adelaide in 2005 and believe from friends there that it has changed loads from my last visit. These are our thoughts and hope that they are useful to you. We would love to do a reccie for a look around, but , Adelaide is such a large area how could you experience all areas objectively? We think that we will rent in Adelaide and experience life and living in Adelaide before we decide what are we want to live in. Will be tricky with 3 babies of school age but willing to take the chance and make the right decision for us. If we had our reccie this year and didn't manage to sell our house straight away we know that Adelaide is rapidly expanding and what we thought of a certain area in March 2008 might not apply in January 2009 (only 10 months away!!). Saying that, if we had lots of spare money we probably would come over and have a good look around if we could.

      Good luck with the move and let us know how you get on.


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