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      Question To 'recky' or not to recky?

      Our family have just joined PIA and think it's a great site for information gathering.
      We are in the very early stages......still information gathering - hoping to obtain Skilled Visa as husband is Electrician.
      Having never visited Oz before - we have to decide whether we can afford to recky or not towards the end of this year - 2008/early 2009 - and whether we continue with our application in the background whilst still planning our visit.........anyone else been through similar dilemna?
      Hubby (43) electrician, Me (40) Marketing Manager, Daughter (9), and Fat Boy Slim! (3)
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      A reccie was a must for us, many do it without and are perfectly happy with that too. It is all down to the type of person you are and how you feel about it. Me, I couldn't move to the other side of the world without checking it out first.

      It can be useful to get yourself a little bit orientated too for when you arrive for good, so it might not all seem too overwhelming then.

      If you do decide on a reccie, I would say really plan it out, with holiday stuff thrown in amongst the fact finding stuff, so if you decide its not for you, you will have had a nice holiday too! :)

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      We, like many others on this site, decided not to reccie as such. We certainly didn't come to Adelaide prior to the move.

      We decided that our money was best used for the move. That being said, hubbie had been here fleetingly 25 years ago and the only thing he could remember about Adelaide was the stripey structures near the Convention centre in the city - not very helpful when trying to plan a life for the family!! Plus what he found good about Oz as a single bloke just turned 20 was going to be soop different now he was older and with a family.

      We were lucky to get on a TV programme very unexpectedly which sent us to Brisbane so I had some idea of what Aus was like. But Brisbane is very different from here - it feels like a city while Adelaide feels like a very large spread out town.

      If you think that knowing what to expect and where to go and what to do when you get here will help you settle, then I would say do it. I used to live in the Middle East as a child so arriving blind was not new although not as the responsible adult. I had the view that if it was hideous and I hated it, we would go somewhere else, another country if necessary. We were lucky - our visa gave us PR straight off but some people have to stay here for a couple of years. I wasn't really bothered where we went; I knew once we sold our house in UK we wouldn't be able to afford to move back there so it made very difference.


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      It's a real personal choice I'm afraid.

      If you really are unsure then come and have a look.
      Please keep the rosy coloured glasses off though!!
      Perhaps com in our winter then you won't feel as if it just is a holiday???

      After a reccie you do start your lives here a lot quicker - we came over twice before the big move.

      I'd have your hubbie look into licensing here,nearly every trade requires a license.
      Have a look at....



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      to 'rcky' or not

      hi all

      i am currently in adelaide on a recky/holiday and i have to say it has in invaluable for checking things out and generally seeing if you like australia. we probably wont be over full time untill this time next year but i cant imagine things will change too much in that time.
      what i have found to be most useful is doing the everyday things like going to the supermarket,driving around and also checking out schools and areas. Also it has given my 13 year old daughter a chance to see where we will be living in the next year, (hopefully)

      i am in golden grove, greenwith and i really like it here and will be coming back to live in this area.

      at the end of the day a recky is a personal choice, i like to think i am quite adventoures but i didnt really want to relocate to the other side of the world without checking it out first,

      good luck with your decison making

      good luck with your decision making!!

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      Thanks for feedback on a recky visit - I think we will go for it......sure we'll be back with countless questions over the coming months


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