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      Hi Ian and Rachel

      Are you in Adelaide yet?, if so what part. My family and I have just arrived from Bexhill, what a small world it is.
      We have arranged to rent a house in Hallett Cove from 11th March, and are waiting for our dog to arrive here. He is in Melbourne until 17th March.
      The children start school tomorrow at Hallett Cove East, so a chance to have some peace at last.
      Our children are the sames ages so perhaps we could get together for a drink and meet up.
      Look forward to hearing from you,
      Susan, Simon, Brandon 10 years & Nicole 7 years.

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      Hi Lou, and welcome to PIA! I think you're very brave going it alone without an agent, like Libby we took the lazy route and paid someone to sort it all out for us! I'm fairly sure that once you've got a quote the price doesn't tend to go up very much, I don't think there's much in the way of hidden costs. Anyway, whatever you decide we wish you the best of luck!;)
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      I have just filled the application in online for a 175 and have it saved so that once my positive skills assessment comes back i can lodge it before i am 40!! Saves time doing it now so already to submit. If not in on time will have to take ILEST or claim partner points!!
      Have encountered one problem in that i haven't got a passport yet for baby!! Can't lodge application without it.
      Pretty straightforward to complete apart from it won't let you skip to next page until all fields are filled in!!

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      Welcome to PIA!!! Its great on here everyone is so friendly and really helpful...any question will be answered....Good Luck with it all!

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      Just a quick note to you.. one of the major building companies from Adelaide is over in the UK at the moment doing a migration fair.. my husband works for them as a QS and they offered to sponsor us to become permanent. Have you thought about going down that road? Permanant employer sponsored visa - Adelaide are crying out for QS's...!!

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      That's good to know. I am a QS but do not have the recognised qualifications yet although I am currently studying them. The migration agent I spoke to said I should go on a state sponsored visa. I was hoping to find out a little more about employer sponsorship when I go to the expo at Aus Hs.
      Still, good news with regards to jobs


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