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      Hi there everyone. We are starting our visa applications soon and have been enjoying looking at what everyone has to say on here about all things Aussie. We are hoping to live in Hallett Cove as it seems to get alot of good reviews with everything. Can anyone suggest other good areas?

      Kirsty, Ian, Emily & Matthew :D

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      hi - welcome aboard! there are loads of people who can help you on this site - we quite fancy Port Noarlunga but I'll only really know when we get there.


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      Hey all!

      Welcome to PIA....Hope you have a trouble free migration adventure!

      We are not quite there yet, so cant help with areas yet...but as soon as we get there will post some impressions!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Hi Kirsty and co,

      as the others say you don't know what is right for you until you see it first hand. You can get an idea from those there but just because the area is right for them doesn't make it perfect for you. Hallet Cove is one place we are looking at. The only downside is the local 'beach' but then a small jaunt along the coast and you can find a good 'un.;)

      We have a short list of around 6 suburbs but we will probably live somewhere totally different when we get there.

      Good luck on getting there and hope you find the ideal place.


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      Hi and welcome,

      Keep the faith and you'll get here, but you'll be livin on a prayer or too till then. Getting a visa can be a bit of a lost highway, but while your here you'll have a nice day.

      Sorry, but your username is like bad medicine to me.

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      Thanks everyone! Cant wait to make the move (we are a long way off yet I know!;)) Thanks for your message Banjo, good to see another Bon Jovi fan here!

      Best wishes to everyone

      Kirsty, Ian, Emily & Matthew x

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      Welcome to PIA!!!!
      From what we have heard the "bad" areas in aus are nothing compared to the "bad" areas in the UK! We have been told Elizabeth is the least desireable area of Adelaide, but like others have said you just dont know till you get there. We are still clueless really, there are some really helpful people on here so im sure if you want info on areas they will help you out.

      Its also good to check out the council website, gives info on areas and issues.

      Good Luck with it all!! x:)

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      The Pottertons
      Hi there jonbj5, we are pretty new on here and to the whole experience actually. Like you dont really kow a lot about areas but we'll have a good look around on our reccie. Are you going out at all before you move? Good luck with the journey and welcome!!! Yvonne

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      Hi there Yvonne

      Thanks for your message. We arent planning on a visit before moving there. Saving all the money for the big move, lol. We are doing all our research on the internet and by attending seminars etc. When are you planning your visit for and have you started your visa application yet?



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