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      Hello can i join your forum?

      Hello everyone,

      My name's Louise and hubby is Steve, we have 2 children and currently live in Spain. We are right at the start of the process. We have done a points test and fall short of 120 but enough for an SIR visa so will need some professional advice from an agent with that one!!

      We have done a lot of research and Adelaide seems the best place for us. We are looking at going within 18-24 months.

      Just want to make friends with people in the same boat really to share the experience with.

      Looking forward to getting to know you all!


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      Hi Louise, Steve and family,
      Welcome to the forum, we are currently in France and have started the visa process, everyone on PIA have been really friendly, and very helpful with questions I have asked I'm sure you'll find the same too.
      Good luck with your visa journey

      Janet & Co

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      Hi Janet and Co thanks for replying to me! When are you thinking of moving? Have you ever been to Adelaide before? Im sorry im so full of questions at the mo :)
      Good look with your journey and keep in touch!
      Lou and Steve

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      Hi Louise and Steve,
      Ta for the reply. We have put our property on the market as we need to sell before we leave for Adelaide. Never been before, did a trip to Sydney and Perth 20 years ago. Possibly doing a reccie trip this Oct or OH may go out in the next few weeks.
      We hope to be out there this time next year - fingers crossed 8)
      When are you hoping to go out and have you ever been? What made you choose Adelaide?
      Good luck

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      Hi Louise & Steve.

      Welcome to the site. A friendly lot were are here.

      Im julia and other half if Steve. We have two girls 6 & 3.

      We are awaiting results of TRA Assessment (nervous & anxiously). Going through an agent, so if we fail, they will get blasted.

      We hope to be in Adelaide early 2008.

      Good luck with everything. Ask away any questions, most people have some suggestion.

      Julia & Steve

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      Hi Louise and Steve,

      Welcome to the forum. We are Jen & Ian. We have three boys aged 5, 2 and 7 months. We are nearing the end of getting our visa and planning on moving out to Adelaide in October. At times along this journey you will feel it's taking forever but right now I'm thinking oh my god where did the 8 months from sending of our application go :shock: .

      Good luck
      Jen :D

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      Hi Louise and Steve

      welcome to the forum :D

      We are Lisa, Greg and our 4 year old Dawn. We got our SIR in Feb and off to Adelaide in 4 weeks for the first time, lock stock and barrel :lol:

      Best of luck for the journey ahead - full of ups and downs but worth it all in the end.

      Lisa :lol:

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      Hi People

      We've been in Adelaide for 4 months now. What can I say the place is evreything I hoped for. Big enough to have everything I want but not too big. The city is beautiful and clean. The people are friendly and understand the difficulties faced by by new mirants. The beaches are clean, safe and uncrowded. The hills are a short drive away and are very senic with loads of vinyards, orchards and lovely little villages. And for those on a budget housing is cheaper than in any other major Australian city.
      I've been to Perth and Melbourne. OH used to live in Sydney and none compare to Adelaide.

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      Welcome. We have been in Adelaide now for just over 2 years. we came on the SIR Visa and have just applied for PR.
      If you need any help with this visa or any other issues please do nort hesitate to ask

      All the best

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      Thank you everyone for your posts..you're all so lovely and welcoming. It's reassuring to know that we're not going it alone.
      Liz we will also be going on an SIR visa which we were a little worried about at first, but it seems many other people do it successfuly. We initialy chose Adelaide because of this visa but researching the place it seems a great place to bring up children and perfect weather too..not as hot as Perth!


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