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      Wink just starting out!

      Hello I'm new to this site and need all the advice I can get. My family have decided to look at emigtating to oz and after much research into thecountry we settled on Adelaide. We have looked at visas and job opportunitties and have decided this area is the best for us. Now comes the hard part, researching where in Adelaide to live, how to go about jobs before we arrive and the biggest factor can we actually afford it. My husband is a plant mechanic on heavy cranes and myself a teaching assistant, we also have 3 children, so need to consider their education too. anyone with ny information which may help us would be really helpful. Thank you.

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      Hi There !!!

      Good luck with everything, it may seem really daunting but there are loads of really helpful people on this site who are, or have gone through the same process and taken the leap AND LOVE IT. Im sure youll get the answer any question's you may have.

      It takes a bit of work but it is really worth it.

      Goodluck, very exciting times ahead




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