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      hi there,my name is Gary,my wife is carol and we have two kids aged 2 and 4.we are trying to decide between perth and adelaide and would appreciate anyones views on this.we haven't been able to find out too much about adelaide so any info would be welcome,

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      This is a copy of a post I stuck in another topic. It may help.

      We've been in Adelaide for 4 months now. What can I say the place is evreything I hoped for. Big enough to have everything I want but not too big. The city is beautiful and clean. The people are friendly and understand the difficulties faced by by new mirants. The beaches are clean, safe and uncrowded. The hills are a short drive away and are very senic with loads of vinyards, orchards and lovely little villages. And for those on a budget housing is cheaper than in any other major Australian city.
      I've been to Perth and Melbourne. OH used to live in Sydney and none compare to Adelaide.

      Adelaide has a reputation as being "the city of churches" and is thought of as being a place for retiring to. Nothing could be further from the truth. The place is guilty of underselling itself.

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      Hi Gazza

      We have been to both Perth and Adelaide twice and will be moving permanently to Adelaide in July. I agree with Kevster's comments and would add that Perth is also quite remote.

      We chose Adelaide mainly because the visa process was easier but it was also more affordable and seemed to have everything we wanted.

      At the end of the day its up to you to make the choice.
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      Apart from Perth being the most Isolated city in the world, Its housing market has gone through the roof and it is very expensive at the momment.

      We have been to Perth (have family there), However we are so please we came to Adelaide. It ticks all the boxes for us especially with a young family.


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      tough question

      i lived in melbourne until 13 and adelaide from 15-27 (london for 6 years since then ) and i know for the long term (ie with kids etc) that adelaide is the place for us.

      adelaide had a tough time in the 1990's (economic issues) but now opportunities and business confidence appears to be improving,for example SA won the tenders to build $6billion new navy destroyers, growing mining sector, so much is being said of an even better future. Adelaide's population is growing faster than since the 1960's and the CBD is increasing in both worker and residential population (with some good new architecture). Plus the good cultural things like the Adelaide Fringe (second only to the Edinburgh Fringe in size) has gone annual - March/April in Adelaide is mad with events i can tell you.
      This is all wrapped up in a city, that to me, has retained a lot of great colonial architecture and puts you next to beaches, scenic hills and wineries. My partner's uncle (wealthy ukrainian!!!) recently described adelaide as 'paradise'. I do not disagree.

      I went to high school and uni in adelaide and loved it. It is a good city to be a student and still have fun. Plus with future mining, agriculture and diversified industry job opportunities will be plentiful.

      As you can see, this boy, votes adelaide over perth every time (unless you are a petrochemical engineer then go to perth).

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      thanks for your replies. adelaide seems to be the better option,my only concern is job situation.i am a joiner and my wife works in youth services any info would be welcome. cheers gary :?

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      Quote Originally Posted by gazza12120
      thanks for your replies. adelaide seems to be the better option,my only concern is job situation.i am a joiner and my wife works in youth services any info would be welcome. cheers gary :?

      We are in process of applying to Oz (myself, husband and children aged 6 & 3) and where unsure of Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. Adelaide has always been favourite but jobs looked more plentiful in perth and Brisbane. Perth has been ruled out by the house prices, :shock: my husband is a welder and is not sure he could work in Brisbanes heat :oops: so we are quite sure we'll be heading to Adelaide. :lol:

      We found www.adelaidebound.com an excellent website with loads of info and links to other sites all about Adelaide, education, careers, housing and rentals etc.

      There does seem to be loads of work around, I'm a Special Needs Teaching Assistant and when searching the internet jobs came up for youth workers (although they are called something different there). Try www.yellowpages.co.au, type in your trade and it will list all companies in that area of work in each suburb that you enter.

      Hope you get on ok :lol: :D :lol:

      Post info as we find it



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