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      Hi there.... i'm new here....


      I'm a 30yr old over here on a 12 month working visa... ideally want to stay longer so am hoping that will happen through employment eventually. I'm not skilled in any of the occupations listed though, due to working in an investment bank in london for 10 years... should have been a bricklayer ;-)

      Anyway, i've been in cairns for 4 week initially, then adelaide for 2 weeks, just missed the clipsal, was so disappointed at that.....currently in Perth, but hoping to go back to Adelaide shortly...

      When i was there, i loved it but really missed having any real friends of my own, so have just found this site and thought i'd give it a whirl...

      so Hi.... from Melanie :D

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      Hello Melanie,

      Lucky you getting the chance to travel OZ, it sounds amazing!
      We are in talks about moving to Adelaide and so scared but excited all at the same time as we have never been before.
      Just wanted to say good luck with everything.


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      Sue & Ash
      hi melanie!
      good on you to travel around!

      we hope to go to adelaide too (once we get a visa and sell the house and ship everything and and and ...) - we've only just started the whole process!

      just like you i worked in banking for over 10 years .. so no skills :shock:
      luckily OH is an electrician!!!

      talk to you soon


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