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      Hi Pete & Esther...and Harvey of course :lol:

      Welcome to the site. The price can vary a lot and depends on if you are going alone or using an agent. We are off in 4 weeks and this is our costs from start to getting to Adelaide -

      Agent 1495
      TRA 120 ($300)
      Certified Copies/photocopy/postage approx 100
      Visa Application 830 ($1985)
      2 x Adults Xrays 130
      2 x Adults Meds and 1 Child 350 (we did haggle and got 10% discount :lol: )
      Police Checks 20
      Flights 1194
      Travel Insurance 87.50
      Shippers 20ft Container with insurance 4250

      Grand total of 8576 give or take a bit :D

      Paying a bond depends on which visa you apply for and comes down to points. We are on an SIR495 and have not had to pay any bond. Paying a bond can give you an additional 5 points if needed to go for a visa - $100,00 payable for 1 year after which it is returned with interest.

      If you have any questions at all about the process just shout out and will try to help. Going for the visa is a very stressful and emotional time but the result is worth it. We started the process last April and now counting the days to flying out for our new life 8)

      Lisa :lol:

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      Hi LIsa,

      Thanks for your reply.

      At last we can start to understand exactly what we need to pay.
      The only thing to add to the list is our dogs fee's & flight etc.

      Do you know of anyone who's taken their dog as well?
      We are understandably worried about the stress for the dog. the condition of the quarantine etc.

      What area did you choose in Adelaide cos they all look & sound lovely?

      Many thanks

      :lol: :roll:

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      Haven't chosen an area yet but think we will end up in the South somewhere 8) Will let you know when we arrive next month :D

      Can't help with the dog question I'm afraid but think it is around the 1200 mark depending on their size.

      Might be worth getting a couple of quotes. Here are a few links that might help you out -


      Lisa :lol:


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