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      Hi ALL.

      All of you expats now living in Adelaide, can you provide any feedback on what made you choose Adelaide over other possible destinations. I am being drawn back to Adelaide as a destination to migrate to. At present we are torn between Hobart or Adelaide as destinations. OH is a nurse and we have visa granted. I am making a reccie out in May to look at both and view some jobs for myself and I feel it may boil down to destination in the long run, if all job offers are similar. From my research, I think Adelaide may offer more festivals and events and offer more to keep the young trrops entertained???

      Any feed back any one can provide will be greatly appreciated.

      Best wishes and many thanks in anticipation.


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      Hi Cityboy,

      My husband and i have been here now for 6 weeks and are loving Adelaide more than we thought we would.

      The main and probably only reason that Adelaide came out on top for us was the price of houses.

      We dont have any family yet but when we did we didnt want to not be able to afford a nice size house with a nice size garden. My husband always wanted to live in Sydney, but i was not prepared to risk the possiblity of having to bring our children up in an appartnement with no garden.

      The weather also played a part in that i liked the idea of having four seperate seasons, all of which would still be hotter than the UK.

      I must admit though the only other place we really looked at was Perth. So i do not know what the house prices are in Hobart.

      You are right about the festivals, South Australia is called the festival state and during this bank holiday weekend alone i think there is about 5 different events on. It is apparently the busyest weekend of the year i believe.

      Sorry not full of loads of useful information, not really been here long enough for that, but i hope i have answered the question that you asked.

      Good luck and what ever decision you make i am sure you it will be the right one, and hey even if it isn't you have just moved over the otherside of the world i am sure a move to a different city/state in Australia would not hurt.

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      hey to all considering Adelaide. Adelaide is unique, sure it is not big like Sydney, Or cosmopolitan like Melbourne.BUT Adelaide is manageble.From anywhere in the city you have a backdrop of the hills, and on the otherside, the sea. The light changes everyday over these hills and are just beautiful. from adelaide you can be out in the country within 20 - 30 minutes. We can grow grapes, oranges etc in our back gardens. most houses still have a decent garden and you can hang your washing out on the line most of the year and it will dry. Adelaide has 3 universities and TAFE. The private schools are accessible, the government schools offer a good choice. The weather is warm in spring, hot in summer,.In winter the earliest it gets dark is about 5.15 and it wont be completely dark til about 5.30. Opportunities for socialising abound through sporting clubs, church communities, schools etc. Housing is affordable. If you don't have a lot of spare cash there is always something to do for free. Within 20 minutes you can be up in the hills watching waterfalls, walking in the national parks or enjoying the beach. Fresh food is cheap, most of it grown locally. Fresh fruit and veggies. Adelaide central market. The festivals, the sporting events... I could go on.

      Footnote... moved to Adelaide when I was 10 in 1977, went back to UK at 19, met my husband( from liverpool) and persuaded him to move here. It is a good place to settle, especially for children. Some people whinge that there is nothing to do here, but it depends what you are looking for.

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      Thank you both for your swift replies. I feel quite drawn to Adelaide due to the climate, hills, proximityto to the coast, although I believe Hobart is very bueatiful, though a little cooler. I will visit both in May and make choice from there. One thing is for sure, we are leaving the UK behind no matter what.

      Best wishes,



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