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      Can anyone advise please?


      Was just reading through some old threads and came across one mentioning the demand for ceramic wall and floor tilers! (sorry can't remeber who wrote it n can't find it again) but they said tilers get paid between $30 and $50 per m2!!!! Is this true? The reason I ask is my hubby was a tiler for many years, started on a yts after leaving school and then eventually went self employed. He gave it up for permanent employed work (currently working as a bus driver) because we didn't like the situation of not having a set income every month. Anyhow, I am a qualified nurse but not currently registered and we thought that we would have to apply for visa on my nursing. It will take about 3yrs for me to get back on a back to nurse training course and start work to get experience before we could apply (or so we thought) but if anyone knows about the tiling side of things I would be very grateful for your advise. Is the work out in oz for tilers self employed or would it be working for a company? Would he need some sort of certificate in tiling (which he doesn't have) or would a reference be of any use? If we could apply for a visa on his career, that changes everything for us. We could apply much sooner than we thought and maybe be in Adelaide this time next year! Oh my god. Please someone help. I won't be able to think about anything else until I know cos until now, I thought it was going to be at least 3 years!!

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      i am also a tiler with no certs.i,ve been told the rate is about $30-$50 but if you work contracting its not as good ,not certain on qualifactions & being self employed i believe theres a type of assesment in oz b4 u can get papers for self employment.my wife is also a nurse so a fair bit in common you havent got a 5 year old boy n a 17 year old girl who doesnt wanna move as well have you????

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      Thanks for your reply. Think we need to investigate that a bit further! As it happens, we do have a 17yr old who does not want to come and an 11yr old who does. Also a 16month old who's none the wiser! We live in Washington/Sunderland. I think you live in S/land too. How freaky, you're living our life!!!!! LMAO

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      yip spooky i also have giving up tiling as a fulltime job n am working in washington

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      hi - why is there a mass exodus of people from sunderland , its not that bad - where i live is worse!

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      think its the northeast in general theres a fair few on here all wanting to meet up

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      Exodus from Sunderland

      Quote Originally Posted by CARMEN View Post
      hi - why is there a mass exodus of people from sunderland , its not that bad - where i live is worse!
      Come and live here for a week and youl understand lol,

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      didnt realise you from sunderland ,whereabouts we in seaburn


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