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      Hi everyone, we're just starting the process and have decided that SA is the State for us. IELTs done and just waiting and waiting and waiting for skills assessment!! My husband is the main Visa applicant and we hope to have visa before July next year (husband turns 40 and we won't then have enough points) Will be moving with 2 sons 11 and 9. Anyway I'm sure I'll have lots of questions over the coming months. Oh and can anyone let me know whether thee are many skate parks around? 11 year old says he's not coming if there isn't.

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      Hello and welcome to the forum :)

      I didn't know about skate parks so had a quick google and it looks like there are some. I am sure there would be others in various suburbs etc. Just a case of doing your homework.

      Found this one listed on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_Sk8_Park,_Adelaide

      I also found them listed in Henley Beach, West Beach and lots of other places. The site skateboard.com.au was useful for that, pics, info and so on there if you use the search function and put in 'skate parks, Adelaide' or some such. I'm sure your 11 year old will find something on there that appeals ;) Or use this page of the site http://www.skateboard.com.au/v2/inde...thgrind=search and zoom in on Adelaide area.


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