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      Moving to Adelaide in February - excited!!!


      We are moving over to Adelaide in February on a permanent residency visa. I'm a primary school teacher and Bri works as a web developer. We're just deciding what we are doing with all of our things as in sell, ship or give away?! A friend who is emigrating has decided to use 'Excess Baggage' to ship his things over, seems to have got a good deal but keen to hear if anyone has any better ideas? Also really keen to hear of anyone's top tips in which areas are good to rent in Adelaide? We'd love to live somewhere with a bit of a community, maybe a few shops/cafes etc, not a million miles from the beach, near some sort of transport links..... obviously this is in an ideal world but you've got to start somewhere!

      Anyway, we'd really appreciate any sort of advice/guidance at the moment,


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      Hi Suzy,

      Congratulations on your impending move. February is beach weather so we better find you that rental near transport to the seaside

      As you might imagine, budget plays a key role in this question because the areas near the beach that are also lively can be quite pricy. Brighton is a lovely suburb right on the coast and not that far from town (and has a train link to town). It has a really nice high street with many cafes, but it is pretty expensive. Same for Glenelg - right on the beach, really lovely, tram to town, extensive and lively high street, but even more pricy than Brighton.

      You could also look at Semaphore which I think is terrific. It's also a beachside suburb but is less expensive. It's a bit further from the city centre but has a train link and I would say the train takes about 25 minutes to get to town (that's a guess though, I've never timed it!). I think Semaphore is "earthier" than Brighton or Glenelg. It began life as more of a working class area (being near Port Adelaide which was a busy working port area in its day). Semaphore is great fun, it has a fab high street with all kinds of shops and cafes and just has a good feel to it imo.

      I would also suggest Goodwood or its surrounds such as Forrestville and Wayville. Goodwood is a nice little suburb, close to the city and on the tramline to Glenelg. It is also quite pricy though. You might get something a bit cheaper in Wayville or Forrestville which should be close enough to Goodwood to access its high street and the tram to Glenelg beach (probably a 15-20 min ride to the beach I guess). There is also a terrific farmers market at the Wayville Showgrounds on Sundays, which on a nice sunny day is such fun.

      I hope that helps a bit with the accommodation side of things. You have an exciting time ahead, good luck!



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