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      Talking We're Here!

      Hi there

      Best introduce myself before I wade in with questions!!

      There is me, OH and 2 DC, DS 8yrs old and DD 6 yrs old.
      We arrived in Adelaide 7 weeks ago. OH had a job lined up and the kids are now happily ensconced in school, after a 12 week break

      Settled in well, found a fab rental and generally all is going well, except for slight lack of sleep due to using sofa beds and inflatable mattresses while we wait for our stuff to arrive

      So, now the family are all sorted with their various things, it is time for me to sort myself out with a job. Are there any recommendations for particular recruitment agencies, or ones to avoid? My line of work is admin/office etc but can pretty much turn my hand to most things and willing to give 'most' things a try. I would also be looking towards the South/SE/Hills area preferably, so if anyone has any knowledge of agencies that are in those areas that would be great.

      Many thanks is advance


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      Hi and welcome first of all. I'm glad your all settling in well. I can't help with agencies but have you looked in the advertiser? This paper comes out on wed and sat every week with sat having the most jobs in. You can get it from newsagents, supermarkets etc. If you need further help or a coffe to unwind let me know as i'm not far away (Happy Valley) Good luck with job hunting. Ebstar


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