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    Thread: Hi from the adelaide hills

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      mrs pixie
      Hi there , yes its beautiful around here and were you are too . We have not been to the museum ourselves yet , apparently we get in free once our house is built and we are living in birdwood , not that we are waiting for that , i think a case of what you have close by you take for granted , but went to a great australian day party there in the grounds of the museum all entertainment free for adults and kids just food to buy . A rock and roll one coming up in april so all that will be a bonus for us once we get there and a great way to meet people . Is there alot going on were you have settled and any places you recommend visiting , cheers Jo

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      Hahndorf is pleasant for a stroll, there is an art gallery there in the old school, which has some of Hans Heyson's work. this place is a tad touristy at times but there are lots of interesting shops. The pubs sell food like Pork Hocks and sauerkraut. My main interest is the old German settler's cottages. This town was founded by German settlers who came here to be able to practise their faith (Lutherans)in peace. The women used to walk all night through the hills to the markets in Adelaide to sell their goods and then walk back. During the war Hahndorf was renamed Ambleside, Hahndorf deemed too Germanic.
      There is a farm barn with small farm animals for kids and crafty type shops. Last time I was there , there was a Scottish resteraunt.

      From here I would drive through Balhannah, Woodside etc, very scenic. Stop at the chocolate factory on the otherside of woodside. They make sweets on site still and sell stuff there. They have interesting old tins, pictures etc on display from various sweet makers in Australia.

      Then onto Birdwood via more scenic routes. I love the hills, there always good for a drive.
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      :v_SPIN:Hi Jo, thanks for all that, it will be very useful, whereabouts are you in the Adelaide Hills? did you buy a brand new home, these look really lovely, completley different from our home here in the UK, but I quite fancy going all new!!! also what about the schools locally to you? and how far from the beaches are you? thanks again sorry for bombarding you rom Kathryn:o
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      Hi Kathryn , we used southern cross settlement to get our visa and found them very helpful , they also found my husband a job with a company that would sponser him . The sites for houses are www.realestate.com.au there is another good one will check the address and let you know . house prices are going up here and definately since we were looking this time last year . I think most prices are about the same , rates and water are cheaper , and most things you can get here , some things you just have to shop around for . Its definately a lovely place to live and people seem very helpful and friendly . keep in touch with how things are going Jo

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      Hi Emma, thanks for your reply, good luck with your applications, from Kathryn.

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      mrs pixie
      Hi Kathryn , we are in forreston with friends at the minute but have bought a plot of land in birdwood and are having a house built , it will take about a year . will be good when its done but seems such a long time . The schools around here seem good , we have got a 20 year old daughter back in england but the friends we are with have a 4 year old , and i think they like kersbrook . it depends on the age of your kids but birdwood is also good and there are some private schools too . we are about 50 mins from the beaches , and 40 mins to the city .There are so many nice places to settle i think you need to see them before you choose .Good luck and keep in touch Jo

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      Hi Jo,
      Thanks for that, we have 4 children daughter 19, she will stay behind and do 4 years at Brighton Uni, 16 year old girl, who has a boyfriend and says she doesnt want to come, 13 year old girl who is desperate to get there and a 10 year old boy who is abit noany about the whole thing, but unfortunatly for him he will be coming like it or not, I think perhaps if we get our visa we should rent and then have a good look about, although it all sounds so nice, I dont want to end up somewhere that is cheap and then regret it though. thanks again from Kathryn.

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      mrs pixie
      Hi Kathryn , i think renting is a good idea gives you chance to get your bearings , do you know anyone here and have you visited . We would of liked our daughter to come but like yours she has a boyfriend and at certain ages they need to make their own choices , its hard without them but emails and mobiles make it easier , i am in touch every day . keep in touch Jo

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      Hi Jo, no never been and dont know anyone either, but think its got to be better than the UK, we thought about it a few years ago and never proceeded, but just hope we can do it this time. Husband might have been ok on the pathway d, but will have to see what they replace it with. When you choose a new build house and the cost is say $300,000 do you also have to buy the land or can you purchase the whole lot for 1 price? because some of the houses look a good price but I guess if you then put the cost of land it will spiral abit. Thanks for your reply and keep in touch from Kathryn.

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      mrs pixie
      Hi Kathryn , we purchased our house through a house and land package , but it still gave us a price for the land and a price to build the house then add them together , so unless the house is already built i think that will be the way you work it out . If there is any in particular you have seen , i will have a look and see if i can help you . As i say its worth coming out and you will all love it here Jo

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      Hi Jo

      We are moving to Birdwood next week. How is life treating you up there?



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