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      :shock: have been sending my cv out and have just been offered job looks like a nursing sponsorship. Does anyone know anyone who has done this is this a risky way of getting to OZ have 2 kids.

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      Hi Chrissy

      What visas are you going to oz on. If you are foing on a 457 you can also run your 136 if you had enough for a skilled independant. Had friends who went over on a 495 visas that was 18 mths ago they have sold their has about 4mths ago so not coming back and they didn't have skills just a job offer and sister .

      All I can say go for it what ever if the job offer is right for you.

      :) :) :) :) You will look and say I wish I had

      One life


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      disability SA dept for children and families

      Looks like am being offered a sponsorship as a nurse in this service. Does anyone know anything about it or had contact with them. 8)


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