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      Hello I am new!!

      Hello everyone, what a fab forum, just joined today.

      Myself and DH have been thinking about emigrating and want to take the plunge. Have contacted a migration company and they will be sending out our application forms to get the ball rolling.

      I am very nervous about it all and wondering if I am doing the right thing. I have doubts because I get really home sick when I go on holiday so what will I be like if and when I move to Australia, and there is family of course, will miss them like crazy.

      We are seriously thinking about it though because we would like a better life for a children, Molly (nearly 5) and Alfie 6 Months.

      Sorry for the long Post :oops:

      Look forward to reading all your posts and replies in the future.

      Jo (33)
      Phill (36)
      Molly (4)
      Alfie (6 months)

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      Hi Jo

      Welcome to the site. :lol: :lol:

      I'm sure you'll find all the info you need.

      We're hoping to be out there by July. We have three angels Aidan (8) Callum (5) Abbie (2)

      Jane and Andi

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      Hi Jo and Phil

      welcome to the site :D Migrating is a very scarey time. We started last April and are set to fly out in 3 weeks. Our business we worked so hard to build closes this weekend so everything is feeling very real at the moment :shock:

      Scarey and exciting times ahead - wish you luck with it all but to us it gives us the opportunity to offer our daughter (and ourselves) a more sociable life with more opportunities :lol:


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      Jo & Phil

      Welcome to this friendly lot here.

      Its a scary process but seems to be alot easier when everyone on here are going through the same thing, or have been through it.

      Good Luck.

      And Lisa, don't worry if the business worked over here, you will just have to make it work over there.

      No time for panic right now.


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      Hi Jo and Phil.


      Yup,it is a scary thing you do but for most it is worthwhile.

      Worth fighting for and at times persisting through the bad times.

      We have been in Adelaide nearly 7 years now and we have had the full range of emotions - apart from wanting to go back to the UK.

      Good luck

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      Hi Jo and Phil,

      Welcome and good luck. We are heading out with our kids later in the year. See you at the midlands met up maybe?

      Jen, Ian Jay 5, Sam 2 and Noah 7 months

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      Hi Jen & Ian

      Yeah Phill and I are looking forward to meeting everyone ay The Marlbrook on the 21st, see you there.

      Jo & Phill

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      Hi Jo and Phil, eveyone here has been a great help on this site, and looking forward to thanking some face to face on the other side, we are in the early stages hope to be there by Christmas Good luck

      Graham 36
      Jacqui 34
      Holly 9
      Owen 8

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      Hi and welcome to the site!

      Always someone to help on here!

      Lea :lol:


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