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    Thread: here on a recce

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      here on a recce

      me and my hubby are in adelaide at the moment doing a recce. We are undecided whether or not to make the big move.
      Love the beaches have found some really nice suburbs and schools for our two boys.
      We are over here till the 27th march. Would like to speak to people who have already moved here.
      Financially I think we will be worse off. But the outdoor lifestyle sounds great. Please help V confused at the mo.

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hi Coleen.
      We were over for a reccie last june and same as you we will be worse of money wise but everyone knows the wadges are less in Oz but you dont move for the money its about the Lifestyle, security and being happy.
      The rule is; if you can earn more than £20,000 per annum or roughly $50,000 you will live comferably.
      The missus and i are moving out in june this year. She is a spealist trainned Theater nurse and im a computer programmer and bus driver on the side.
      We will both be taken pay cuts but not to worried as there will be 2 wadges coming in and the bonus is that we will actualy get to spend time together which is more important to us.
      Hope your reccies go's well.
      Have you done all the tourist stuff such as Cleland and the other parks.
      If you want a realy nice drive go down to victor harbour to see the pengins at night.

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      The Pottertons
      No real advice for you Colleen, just wanted to say hope you are haveing a fab time and let us all know how your reccie goes when you get back. Good luck with the trip- Very jealous by the way!!!! Yvonne


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