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      Looking for club

      Ive just moved from Ireland and am looking for a new club. Im just wondering does anyone know what the standard is like compared to the Irish not English divisions. I was thinking of playing top level Amateur soccer but a friend said I might be able to play in one of the two semi-pro divisions so I dont want to sign up if Im able for something better. I have played top level Amateur soccer in Ireland and U21 for a semi-pro team. Any help appreciated. Cheers...

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      Hi Colin, Welcome to the forum.
      Maybe you should have added the word "Soccer" or "Footy" to your title to get more attention.
      Hope you come back and post more.
      good luck.

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      Hi, I think all the trails are over now for clubs looking for next season players.. My son plays for Cumberland Utd in the super league and they have just finished trails and picked players for the up coming season from under 19, reserves and first team, Cumberland where one of the last teams to do thier trails. You can phone around a few of the clubs to see if they have any spaces avaliable. Just explain u have only just arrived and have played over in Ireland at whatever level you were at. This is Cumberlands Number if you want to give them a ring Tel: (08) 8293 4012




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