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hi louise, i thought the worst bit was waiting for the visa, the feeling was indiscribable, youll know what i mean when you get yours, but the worst for me is getting the house on the market, i keep finding something else to do !!!! today weve been clearing out all the cubboards, trouble is everything i take out the kids put back in

hopefully put it on in the next two weeks (then hope for a quick sale) luke has his exams in june so any time after then we are free to go, we also have to visit andrews mum in spain before we go, any excuse for an extra holiday, , have you heard anything yet??

hi nicky
know how you feel about the house we put ours up yesterday , really not happy i love my house i dont want to sell untill i have my visa though so we will see how things go market still a bit slow isnt it that doesnt help you though hope you get a quick sale.
our agent rang us yesterday and hopefull we can do our medicals end april so everythings crossed for then the surspence is starting to do me in .keep ya posted .
louise x