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      Post advice needed thanks

      Hi ive been a little concerned about a friend who wants to go to australia for a working holiday before they put the request in for a permenant visa. The thing is he has been talking to some one from a website called living the dream. they have told them that 3000 is needed to enable this to happen, there fees seem very high to me but im no expert ! they seem to want 500 to get the visa, 500 to find him a job 500 just for helping and this is all before the vat is added? tHEY ARE ALSO SENDING EMAILS DAILY ADVISING THEY HAVE SOME EMPLYERS INTRESTED IN HIM AS HE IS A MECHANIC WHICH IS IN ALOT OF DEMAND ACCORDING TO THEM.
      is this about right or is it a little expensive?


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      The current price for a Working holiday visa is $365 so approx 200 pounds if you apply yourself. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/990i.pdf Plenty of people just come by themselves and look for seasonal work or any work through agencies when they get here. It's a good way to see the country. These Working Holiday agencies do tend to charge a lot for their services but for some people it gives them peace of mind to have accommodation and work sorted before they go. It depends what sort of person your friend is and how self confident he is. Plenty of backpackers hostels have work boards too.
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      If employers were chasing me because my skills were in such demand then I''d not pay a middle man 500 quid to help land me a job. Why not give him details of this site so he can ask a few questions himself and make a more informed decision?




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