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    Thread: Your opinions of Adelaide

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      I think other contributors have covered it. Yes it's quieter but then how many people living in the other major cities can get to the office in 10 minutes during rush hour? That clinched it for me because having spent up to 3 hours a day commuting in UK and around Europe I wanted to spend more time at home with the children.
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      Quote Originally Posted by pizzicarella View Post
      I have heard that Adelaide is cheaper than Perth - but having not lived in Perth I cannot be certain!! Adelaide is pretty sleepy for most of the year. We are coming into what we all call Mad March though, so at the moment there is a lot to do. The clipsal 500 (car racing and music concerts) is on at the moment. The Fringe, and the Adelaide festival (music/comedy/art/film) are both on at the moment. Womadelaide (BIG world music festival) is later in the month. Plus we have plenty of other music and cultural festivals throughout the year... I guess that is why the number plates on cars say "the festival state" :P

      I think Adelaide is as boring as Perth. But it has the plus side of being two and a half hours from melbourne - and return flights are only about $120.

      Places to live:

      As for places to buy: You seem to be looking at two very different areas of Adelaide.

      Norwood and Maylands are in the eastern suburbs - along with Parkside, Rose Park and St. Peters (some other areas to consider) - and are close to the Parade (Norwood), which is very cosmopolitan. At least, as cosmopolitan as adelaide gets. Norwood is more expensive than Maylands precisely for this reason... BUT Maylands is not far away at all and is more convenient to get to the city (the bus route along Magill road is quicker than the Parade, likewise for general traffic). I was raised in Norwood and it is a wonderful area for children - there are lots of Parks (Richards Park is the best!) and activities available for children (theatre, ballet, trampolining).

      Unley is known for being an expensive area - I think because of its close proximity to Hyde Park! Goodwood, which is a nearby suburb is a little bit cheaper, and ever so slightly easier to get to the city from. There is less traffic on the roads that go from Goodwood, and if you are into public transport there are two bus routes running every 15 minutes, there is the tram again running every fifteen minutes and there is the train not too far away. Its very close to the south side of the city.

      Brompton, Devon Park and Croydon are on the other side of the city- closer to North Adelaide. This would be VERY convenient if your OH ends up working in the Boylan (psychiatric) ward of the Womens and Children's hospital. Prospect is another suburb just out of North Adelaide, and it is one that I myself would pick above those you listed. North Adelaide has O'Connell and Melbourne sts - which have nice restaurants, boutiques and cafes.

      A good idea would be to rent in one of the areas first.. see if it works for you and in the meantime check out houses in the other areas.

      If your partner is going to work as a mental health nurse full time or part time there are a couple of places - namely the RAH, QEH, WCH, Glenside and other private hospitals.
      In relation to where you are thinking of living:
      RAH - is in the cbd and is close to all of them
      WCH - north adelaide. Closest to brompton etc, but not inconvenient for the other places.
      QEH - North west of the city, and definitely not convenient for norwood or unley, unless you don't mind driving. Would be ok from brompton.
      Glenside - very close to both norwood and unley. Less convenient from brompton.
      Fullarton Private Hospital - specialises in mental health. Close to Unley and to Norwood.

      As for available jobs - check out the South Australian notice of vacancies (both of you). Government jobs are fairly easy to get into. If your OH has relevant experience there are almost always vacancies for social workers in the government - they get paid very well.

      Health SA lists its vacancies here:

      Healthcare here is affordable and accessible. I would not say it is expensive. Plenty of doctors and some specialists will bulk bill and if you have private health insurance even those who do not bulk bill are still affordable. I have never had to pay out of pocket for a medical appointment as my private health insurance covers the gap. As for diabetes... I don't know of any endocrinologists myself - but I do know that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has a research program for endocrinology, and that there are endocrinology centres in the major hospitals. I think there is also the southern diabetes centre, but this is not at all near where you are thinking of moving to.

      If you want any more info, feel free to PM me.
      Thank you for such a detailed post this is really helpful for us! :)


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