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      new! advice needed surfin/livin SA

      Hi All!
      Completely starting fresh with our research having originally chosen perth before finding out if eligible to go, erm we're not! but we are for Adelaide hopefully, so really need help on my new search!
      Me and hubby (27 & 30, no sprogs) ideally want somewhere near a good surfing beach/es but good residential area ideally within half hrs drive of Adelaide.
      We've read a lot about victor and the florieu peninsula (spelt wrong I know!) but I think victor harbour is quite small. I've also read west beach is good for surfin but no idea where it is!
      I'm in real estate & he is in mortgages and we've been told good housing boom there last few yrs so should have no prob get jobs.
      at the moment we're a bit deflated about Perth (him more than me because of the surfin, I figure ANYWHERE is better than the UK!) please try and convince us we'll love it there!

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      Hi, welcom to PIA,
      i'm the last person to be giving advice on surfing but here goes anyway, in the 5 weeks I have been here have gone to West beach ( west of Adelaide ) a number of times and not seen anyone surfing, as I understand it ( and I don't) the further south the better, hope thats clearer for you now.

      You want to live somewhere from Glenelg down to Brighton, its a feeling I have about you, 20 to 30 minutes to city and 20 to 30 minutes to the surfing beaches.

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