Hello, thanks for this wonderful resource, its been very good reading through to get tips and advice for our move to Adelaide in June.

We are in a slightly different boat than most of you since we are actually Kiwi's albeit Kiwis who have been living in the UK for the last 8 years (3 years in Portstewart in Northern Ireland and 5 years in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire), which means work permits aren't an issue, and we are moving so I can take up a post teaching medical ethics at Flinders University.

I gather we are following pretty much the same path as many of you - we ship our stuff over shortly before we leave, we have short term furnished accommodation for four weeks and by the end of that time we need to have found rental accommodation. We are looking mainly in the South - though probably roughly between Flinders and the City Centre (though any suggestions of areas to look at gratefully received).

I've currently got one question (though no doubt there will be more...) which is having looked online it looks like Kogan mobile is a good way to go for internet on the Ipad (2 gb per month for $9.99) - can you get Kogan sim cards in stores there (and if so which ones) or would I be best to order one online? We want the internet running as soon as possible since obviously it will make it easier to find houses, cars etc.

Thanks once again for the great resource.