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      Hi Paul with my trade my agent has told me i dont nrrd sponsership to get a visa as we can get perm res as soon as we land ive been told to try and set up interviews a couple of months prior.Ive got a mate in NSW in the same industry he said i should have no probs i more worried about where to live and how the kids are going to settle cheers mate

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      Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
      Hi peeps,

      Welcome to PIA. Can't help with your questions for 2 reasons. Firstly I'm still in the UK but also I haven't a Scooby what a cnc machine is.

      But wanted to say hi anyway.

      Pete PMSL big time you make me laugh, looking forward to those rounds. cheers Graham

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      hello and welcome to pia!

      i think pete meant you might need certification of your skills once in oz!
      many trades need that like electrician (my OH )
      you need to sit an exam and basically put in your TRA again, and something like h&s and cpr? - worth checking if you'll need something like that.

      for an electrician without that A-licence you can't work unsupervised so they don't take you on as easily or pay less...

      we've been told it's very hard to get a job before hand although there is lots out there.
      but understandably an employer wants to see you first ;)
      so we intend to send out lots of cv's once we actually have a date for our flights which we can tell the employers!!

      good luck!


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