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      Red face OT just starting out

      hello all,
      Me (Rachael), my husband (Trevor) and our son (Bram) are hoping to have completed the 189 visa process by UK summer 2014. We are looking at Marion or there-abouts when we first arrive. I currently work within UK social services and just wanted to know what the Adelaide equivalent is? Also if our timing is right my son will start his A level's over in Adelaide January 2015. I would love to know what the school's are like in comparission to the UK. I understand that fees are paid which is not a problem but wondered what are good schools and those that may not be so good in that area. Are the subjects pitched at the same level, or higher, or lower? Did your children settle in to school easily? As you can imagine this is a huge worry for parents.

      Also, if there are any OT's that can let me know about the job situation I would greatly appreciate it. And finally did anyone use the relocation agents? If so would you recommend them?

      I'll stop babbling on now!!
      Many thanks
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      Hi welcome to the forum, I'm sure we have a couple of members who live in Marion so hopefully they will be along soon.



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