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      Have decided that Adelaide is for us, and sorting sponsorship/skills assessment. Has anyone migrated without using the services of an Agent? Did this make Visa application a nightmare? or was it reasonably straightforward?

      Any advice would be gratefully received


      Ben and Karen
      Hi Ben.karen

      I'm an Electricial Engineer and going it alone, I started through an agent, which I paid 300 for an initial assessment, they then wanted 2000 within a 31day period for the completion so I told them to stuff it. So Far it's going to cost me 300 for the TRA assessment, and about 1000 for the visa it'self. it's straight forward but has taken me almost a month to get the proof together that I am qualified and experienced, even taking advice off of people on this site and writing out my "typical day at work" - I undid the screws, then using a multimeter blah blah, nothing hard just long winded, and they love to repeat questions about 7-8 times if what i've experienced is typical, so I have a folder on my computer with all of my info written out in, then when they ask about something for the upteenth time I just copy and paste, which has cut out about 3 hours of writing so far.
      You need really to decide TRA or Vetassess, the latter being more expensive but you will get a trade card with them after doing a practical at a Uk based location, Vet are best for trades: sparks, Plumbers, mechanics plasterers, builders etc, mine is slightly different so I'm using the TRA and if I need to get a trade card I will do it in country which they will let you do, give the assess people EVERY last scrap of info you can to every boring detail, it seems the first step is also the hardest.


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      I went to a reputable agent, highly recommended, and they told me a complete load of cobblers about having my skills assessed. The information was so wrong it was unbelievable. That's when I made up my mind to go it alone and save the £3000 for a reccie instead.

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      hello all
      We are doing it ourselves too, tight Yorkshire folk.
      $300 for TRA
      60.00 for notary to stamp our capital forms for state sponsorship,
      next $2000.00 for our visas, medicals will be about 500.00 for the family.
      the money you save will pay for the flights, holiday, bit of rent, etc.
      It isn't that hard, give it a go, there will always be loads of people on here to help.
      Dave n Sue

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      jill wright
      Hi Ben and Karen

      Just to add to Pete's post. We haven't used an agent either for skills assessment or visa application and have found it more or less straight forward. This forum is invaluable for ansewering questions and advice

      Good luck

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      Horses for courses I would say, if you are fortunate to use a good agent and everything runs smoothly you say to yourself I could have done that, but when there are problems a good agent should be worth their salt.

      From reading various forums over the last few years there are plenty of not so good/more expensive agents out there.

      In our case the TRA was the biggest hurdle without doubt, but our agent in hindsight made it look very easy, if I had to do it off my own back at the time I not so sure how I would have faired,

      Good luck


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      Quote Originally Posted by ben.karen View Post
      Thank you very much - I think you've probably just saved me a lot of money, as I was about to apply to the ANMC first!!
      I have my uses. Not many I'll grant you. ;)

      It will save you a little time as well as there is less to the modified assessment. Good luck.

      Oh and another tip get someone at work to certify your documents. Better than paying a solicitor and easier than getting a JP to do it. ;)

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      we are going on the Regional sponsered migration scheme and found the visa forms quite straight foward.


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