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      michael negus

      Red face yellowbelly

      hi from mick&jayne

      we are new to the site.we have residency visas and are comming to aderlaide in august.jayne is a occupational therapist and is finding getting a job very difficult when applying from the uk.the august visit is a fact finding holiday.has anyone found it difficult in getting work in oz while still living in uk.
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      cornish Busdriver
      It think it depends on what kind of work that you are after.
      I arranged an interview with transit plus before we went on our reccie and got the job and missus has used a nursing agency and has got a job at the Calvary.
      So in oue experience its not realy a problem but i have read others like teachers that have had problems finding work whilst being here in the UK.

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      Hi Mick & Jayne

      Have just seen your message & we were wondering if you worked at Lincoln County Hosp as OTA a few years ago & live in Sudbrooke. If so this is Wendy who you use to work with. We are emigrating to Adelaide on July !st & would love to hear from you. We hope to hear from you soon & apologise if we have got it wrong!!

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      michael negus
      Hi Wendy and Phil

      Yes I am Jayne N. What a nice surprise to get your message. I guess your're still living in Sudbrooke? Would you like to get together??

      Jayne & Mick

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      Hi Jayne
      Did you get an emal from us. Not sure whether i did it correctly. Would love to meet up. What do you suggest. By the way wondered if you know our friends Sue & Ian Davis who have very recently moved to Brisbane. Received a general email from them & saw your name on the list. Look forward to hearing from you.

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      Hi Mick & Jayne

      Just wanted to say welcome to PIA, and wish you good luck for finding a job on the other side.

      Take care



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