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      Dean and Sharon

      help! advice needed

      we are a family of 4 with one on way, and in process of subclass 495 temp visa to south oz. so confused if we are doing the right thing hoping for better quality of life, and no mortgage or if any very little as have a big one in uk and struggling! visted south aus in aug 2006 and with young children and limited time couldnt do alot of reserach so any help would be much appreciated. anyone whos been in south aus for a year or so please help is life better, cheaper etc etc...

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      :) hi dean and sharon, sorry cant help on the oz side of things, your one step ahead of us , weve never been, just know its the right thing for us to do, yes were worried about getting work & weather we will find the right place to live , if the kids will get on ok, but we think its a risk worth taking, at least we wont regret not trying, i think the adelaide clocks went back and ours forward so its 8 1/2 hrs difference, when they wake up you'll get some better answers, good luck

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      Dean and Sharon
      Hi Nicky&Andy thanks for your reply ime sure you will love oz

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      Hiya Dean and Sharon.

      I've lived here a while now and seen a lot of changes.

      It has become much more expensive to live here now so I'd be wary of thinking it will be "cheap"here - if I get the drift of your post.

      House prices and the cost of living have risen sharply in the last few years.

      You can have a wonderful quality of life here though and it is a great place to bring kids up.

      Best be forewarned.



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