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      We are nearly on our way, would love to connect with some people before we arrive

      Hello Hello,

      We have had a some advice through this forum over the past few months, thank you!

      Now it's really happening. Our 457 visas were granted last week. Flights booked for the 1st August. Packers booked for the end of July. Tenants organised for our house here. Temporary rental booked for 8 weeks in North Adelaide. Kids enrolled in school. Hubby's job transfer all sorted. Still a million things to do but we are getting there slowly!

      I am Karen (36) and married to Greg (37). We have two children - Georgia (6) and Joseph (4). Greg will be working in the CBD and the kids will be at school/preschool in Norwood so we will be looking to live in Norwood or very close by. If all goes to plan we should be staying in Adelaide for around three years.

      Anyway, would love to meet up with anyone in a similar boat in the Eastern suburbs - great if anyone has little ones like us.

      Super excited and terrified at the same time, thanks xx

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      How exciting! Only a month to go!

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      Wow, that is really happening quickly :)

      We are heading out at the start of October and will be in Glenelg. Have a son who is 5.

      Not close to you as such but I'm happy to travel and meet up. And we love Tusmore Park (fab play area and paddling pool for kids) and I am sure will be heading that way for a splash and picnic over the holidays.
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