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      Smile Manchester Maid

      Hi Everyone,
      Be gentle with me, I've just heard about this site and decided to join. Not sure quite what to do yet, so will start off with a cheery hello to all you Poms in Adelaide and back Home!!!! As my name suggests, I'm a Manchester lass who has been living in the Land of Oz for nearly 19 years but still a Pommy at heart! It still feels like yesterday! Have two grown up children, work as a nurse and live near the beach - as does most of Australia!! LOL
      I have made some wonderful friends here but always have room for more!! Would love to swap stories and start new ones with my fellow Englishmen. Love to hear from you.

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      Hi welcome to the site
      I'm sure you will be the one able to answer a lot of peoples questions having been out there so long.
      Although I live in Northern Ireland I have spent a lot of time in Manchester as most of my family live in Rochdale

      Hope you enjoy the site


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