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      Hi and welcome to PIA, I like you was on this site while in labour!!! How sad are we!!

      Anyway, with regard to when to tell people, I think it really depends on how soon you are planning to go after you get your visa. If you are planning on going asap after getting it then I think it is better to tell them earlier, however, if you are planning on not going for a while then leaving it til you get your visa would be ok.


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      Hi all

      Just thought I'd say hello, also new to the site, we are waiting for vetassess before we can go any further. A bit worried as OH was at expo in London and vetassess said they may not recognise his NVQ in Oz, Agent has sent it anyway to see what they say so we are on tenderhooks waiting! :(

      It's good to see others heading for Adelaide, what made you choose here? We like the look of the place, not too busy and the climate is realistic, also SA sponsorship allows us to live in the whole state and not just regional areas. We've had positive feedback jobwise from Perth but we would have to live outside the suburbs which is no good really. Feel sick at the number of times we question ourselves as to where to go!

      Schools is also a major concern as our 4 are in good state schools here at the moment and it would be awful if we took them away and couldn't find as good.

      Is it just me being a whittler or does everyone go through a bit of this?!

      By the way, didn't know whether to tell friends and family of our plans to begin with but OH was busting to do it so now the whole town knows! Getting mixed reactions from people who ask how it is going but you can see in their faces that they either think we're stupid or probably jealous cos they are not brave enough to take the plunge themselves although they'd never admit that, we've also had the inevitable "most people come back" reaction (they're the REALLY jealous sad ones!)
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      Hi and welcome to PIA.

      I just wanted to say there are no silly questions - just silly people who don't ask them

      Good luck on the visa journey,can't help you there I'm afraid.


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      Hi there!
      Halfadozen- we leaned on SA for the climate and quieter living- and cheaper housing. Our initial idea was Brisbane, where I have a very good friend. After speaking to Go Matilda we realised that it had to be SA as we did not have 120 pts to go independent- but I think that was good as I discovered that in Brisbane the sun is down by 6.30 regardless of the time of the year! DH not a morning person so would end up not taking advantage of the oudoors after work.
      I realise that I won't have much different hours than here so by the time I sit down to have a meal it will be dark already- I want to be home before the sun sets!!

      It must annoying to get the jealous comments- some people can't bring themself to just say "I wish I was as brave as you"

      Good luck for vetassess- hope it comes back positive!

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      Quote Originally Posted by thelincolns View Post
      Also- do you think it is a good idea telling family only when you get your visa granted-or are we being mean by not telling anyone about our plans?
      Hi Lincoln family
      Telling family and friends is not going to be easy but IMO it is only fair to give them time to get used to the idea.
      Why not wait until the vetassess come back positive (then you know you can diffenatly proceed) and tell them then
      Good luck with your decision and visa
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      Thanks Jacqueline
      and everybody else! The waiting game is atrocious.... it helps that nobody knows yet....otherwise I would be boring people dizzy blethering about Oz.. :daydreaming:


      Cheers! :v_SPIN:

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      Quote Originally Posted by thelincolns View Post
      Hi guys
      Thanks a lot for your replies. Somewhat feeling more reassured now!
      Hubby applying as marketing specialist and I am now on mat leave with 7 wk old baby... I was on this website even during labour

      It sounds like you *should* not encounter problems generally-phew- a good starting point!

      Thanks a lot for the advice- I think all in all it will be wiser to avoid revealing our plans until the very end!! I am totally devoid of the gift of patience and could not cope with the added stress of incessant qs on our visa

      DH is pulling my leg about me already browsing estate agents websites... can't just help myself! We live in a large terraced house here but have no garden and can't help dreaming of a nice verandah where to have a nice cup of coffee (espresso, please, I'm Italian):)

      Jill and Phil- I noticed from your profile we are near you- we are in Bradford (Heaton)

      Wish everyone best of luck with their impending visas- I will say a little prayer for you!

      Hi the Lincolns

      Not heard of any refusal myself but do be careful about Vetassess, they have only recently been setup and people are having problems once they arrive with the work visa's, check out the site a bit more you'll find a couple of posts, it seems as though the Oz government has said yep you can use Vetassess but no local government is recognising them, depends on your trade on the visa but i'm going through TRA and then shall apply for permit when I land, bit cheaper too.

      Welcome to the site.

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      Family issues

      Hello there,
      Can't help you with the skills question but telling the family is something I do know. My family have been very upset and making us feel incredibly guilty at the moment. The bottom line is that once you've decided to go, it becomes an all consuming process. It's all you think and talk about which then makes seeing your family impossible if they're kept out of the loop.
      My parents go from being incredibly upset to complete denial which has got to the point now where I can't even talk about it which is a shame. I know this seems a bit melodramatic but in some ways close family members will feel like it's almost a bereavement! So as depressing as I've made this sound, give people lots of time to feel part of it and to get used to it and to let you know how they feel.
      Hope this helps

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      hi the lincolns, totally agree this site is amazing espically with both this side and once you get to oz all the advice from down under, for us , we decided to wait till we got our visa before tellin anyone, (although kez, my youngest told everyone at school) we couldnt bear the thought of everyone asking ''have you got it yet?'' its such a long process, also if we diddnt get it we could curl up in a corner quietly and lick our wounds, it worked best for us,but its a personal decision, good luck with your application and welcom to the site:D

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      Nicky and Andy
      That's exactly what we are going to do- you are just spot on!!
      Could not face not getting our visas if everybody knew

      Ben and Karen- my mum back in Italy knows and gave me her blessing (not without a tear or two) BUT!!! MIL is the biggest challenge- DH only child and she is a widow (has a partner though) She relies WAY too much on her son as "Mr Fixit" - although she never prioritises him if he is ill etc.

      So not feeling bad about how she might feel knowing we are going away- in Italy we do anything and everything for our offspring, and she has not earned any brownie points in my book- so here is my take!

      Sorry if I sound harsh (and a bit personal)!!


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