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      Just joined... a few silly qs?

      Hi guys,
      this site is A-MA-ZING! So much info is here about migrating to Adelaide that we feel we have our oracle in you guys... hope I will be soon able to help people too.
      Anyways- just a very VERY silly question. We are doing this very quietly and have not told friends/family we are going to try to relocate to Australia- in case we cannot get a visa (would need to apply for the 475)
      Only sent out forms for VETASSESS. Went to the Leeds expo and hoped to find DIAC representatives to ask this... but maybe you might as well know this... well... my question is can you be turned down even if your skill in on the list? :embarrassed:
      Also- do you think it is a good idea telling family only when you get your visa granted-or are we being mean by not telling anyone about our plans?
      There you go- feeling silly now but relieved...

      Insight would be really appreciated!

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      Think everyone on here has been through a similar dilemma!!!! We told our family after making the decision to start the whole process. We were planning on telling nobody else until we had been granted the visa but the mother in law told the biggest gossip in the area and everyone knew. So my advice is tell the family and then shoot them!!!

      Hope it helps!!!!!

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      hello you guys and welcome to pia you will meet lots of lovely people here and no question is silly ask away thats how you learn about these things, anyway about your visa question i have never haerd of anyone not getting their visa even if they are in the skilled list, but someone else with greater knowledge might know.
      as for telling your fam and friends its really up to you when we told them no one belived us(i still think they dont ),and i wont till i land !
      it does get on your nerves though when every day your ask the same bloody question 'have you heard anything yet but it is good to tell people, see their reaction and also prepare yourself and your family and friends
      goodluck guys

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      Cheers guys!
      Have been wanting to go to Oz for a couple of years, but only made up my mind recently when considering how on earth can we give our kids a decent lifestyle without having to spend money every single time we need to put our face out of the door?
      Thank you guys- Good points you've made!!

      I have a MIL who cannot keep a secret either.. and would for sure drive us crazy with incessant questions...
      Mmh... we'll keep our mouth well shut coming to think of it!!

      Still not totally reassured about the visa app though... anyone else has heard of specific visa rejection experiences?
      How silly am I to worry about this??
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      The only refusal I have heard about was because of a discrepancy between a work history given and job titles on childrens birth certificates. So long as you check everything again and again before submitting it you should be fine.

      Mind you watch this space we are just waiting for the final decission now.


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      hello and welcome!

      i personally haven't heard of anyone not having recieved a visa!!
      i think they are only picky if you are not truthfull!!!!!

      in regards to telling or not:
      both have pros and cons really.
      we did tell everyone because we felt some might need some time to get used to the idea.
      my mum was rather upset and wouldn't even talk to me (although i live already abroad and i hardly ever see her )
      now after 9 months everyone is quite interested and asks about it and tries to help.

      the downside deffinitly is that everyone (!) asks about progress
      and many might actually get quite fed up with you talking oz all the time ;)

      but that's what we are here for anyways!!!!

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      to tell or not to tell!!

      Hi there,

      We are in a similar position - we're applying for 475 visa, and had vetassess assess my hubby's qualifications. Our agent said that they would offer a 'no visa no fee' as it is a straight forward visa and there shouldn't be any problems.. I am hoping they wouldn't take the risk either if they weren't sure ???

      What job category are you going under out of interest?

      Regarding whether or not to tell friends and family it's a really tricky one - and obv very personal. We were supposed to be going out to Oz in 2006 with OH's job, and then it all fell through at the last minute (after we'd sold our house - aaaarrgh) so after telling all our family, we then had to say we weren't going. They were thrilled and admitted that they'd been putting a brave face on it and were gutted at the thought of us going!!

      So when we decided we still wanted to go to Oz and were going to do it off our own backs - we decided not to put them through it all again until we were sure we were getting the visas. BUT I found it all got a bit much, esp when talking about things like mum's 60th next year, I was making excuses not to go with them to paris, etc etc..

      So I told my family, and they were very upset. I said that I had thought long and hard about whether to tell them at this stage or wait until we had visas, and they said unanimously that they were glad we told them now as it gives them time this year to spend as much time as poss with our children before we go. (And to save up so they can afford flights to see us soon after we get there).

      I do think we did the right thing for us in the end, but it is each to their own, and who knows how it would have worked out if we'd chosen other option? You never know, and this process is a real emotional rollercoaster isn't it?

      Hope that's some help - Good Luck whatever you choose to do! :)

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      jill wright

      We too have just applied fro 475 visa. Only told a couple of close friends but have decided to put our house up for sale end April and when people ask where we hope to move to we are saying we're just looking for a change but as its probably a lousy time to sell and the house we have is plenty big enough in a good area think we may be soon rumbled.
      p.s not heard of anyone been turned down for a visa but thats why we're not shouting it from the rooftops,you just never know

      good luck jill&Phil

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      Hi guys
      Thanks a lot for your replies. Somewhat feeling more reassured now!
      Hubby applying as marketing specialist and I am now on mat leave with 7 wk old baby... I was on this website even during labour

      It sounds like you *should* not encounter problems generally-phew- a good starting point!

      Thanks a lot for the advice- I think all in all it will be wiser to avoid revealing our plans until the very end!! I am totally devoid of the gift of patience and could not cope with the added stress of incessant qs on our visa

      DH is pulling my leg about me already browsing estate agents websites... can't just help myself! We live in a large terraced house here but have no garden and can't help dreaming of a nice verandah where to have a nice cup of coffee (espresso, please, I'm Italian):)

      Jill and Phil- I noticed from your profile we are near you- we are in Bradford (Heaton)

      Wish everyone best of luck with their impending visas- I will say a little prayer for you!

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      jill wright

      Yes you're not far from us we're at ossett ne wakefield and met up with some lovely people at the weekend via this sight so watch out for the next 'yorkshire meet'

      Jill and phil


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