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      New to this!!

      Hi, This is my first post. I am hoping to travel round the world with my 13 year old daughter and will be spending 3 or 4 months in adelaide. Does anyone know if she will be able to go to school whilst we are there? Also I am looking for some accomadation near the beach at Glenelg. Any suggestions? Thanks:v_SPIN: Jean

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      hi there i cant help you on the school issue but you will be making a good move if u go to the glenelg area its lovely.

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      Thanks for that, are you in glenelg? Do you have any kids?
      Would be nice to get to know someone before we come over!

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      You will be able to enrol her in school if you get her a student visa. Even if you send her to a state school you will have to pay international student fees, but these are less than the private schools. Kat is right Glenelg is ideal for a short stay, easy to get into and out of, a fast tram into the city. Lucky daughter you have there going on a round the world trip. My youngest daughter is 14.
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      I'm Jeans daughter, I'm 13 (You posted re schools - Mum says thanks!)
      You said u had a fourteen year old daughter and I was wondering what her favourite things about adelaide were?
      Meggs! X


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