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      My name is Meggs and I'm 13. My mum and I are coming to Adelaide for 3/4 months as art of our Round The World trip, (for a year). I was wondering what sort of things thhere are to do as we will be there in Summer.
      Do they have things like Guides?
      Meggs X

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      Hi Meggs,
      there are scouts and guides. There are also Nippers which is the junior life saving on the beaches. The main problem you may have if you come at christmas, is the schools are on holiday from mid December until the end of Jan and most of these types of activities only run in term time.

      If you wanted to attend school, then perhaps if you came here for the end of Jan you would have a whole term at school and the April school holidays as well. This way you could mix with the other kids, if that's what you want to do, at school and get the most out of your stay here. It will still be hot here then as well as Feb is usually the hottest month and you will still be able to beach it and pool it etc.
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