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    Thread: Nearly there!!!

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      Nearly there!!!

      Hi just thought i'd introduce myself and family. I'm julie, hubby phil. We have 5 children, Zack 9yrs, Dylan 7yrs, Natasha 5yrs, Natalia 3yrs and Elliot 1yr. We recieved our long awaited visa on the 11th december and we can't wait to start our new life down under! just waiting on the sell of the house, which we are struggling with. Considering selling to an agency who buy property at lower prices. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Looking at settling in nurrioupta area as we have family there. Anybody looking for a meet up in the stockport cheshire area?

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      Hi Julie & family

      Welcome to PIA. I thought I had my hands full with one 4 year old :shock:

      Seems like selling your house can be the most frustrating part of migrating after reading a lot of threads - we were lucky in that we sold ours last year and then decided to migrate so moved into rented instead of buying another house in uk. Best of luck :D



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