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    Thread: Hello All.

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      Mark Mac

      Hello All.

      Hi All.
      This is first time here,
      Trying our hardest to get to Adelaide and our family.
      But getting sick of the barriers put up by the TRA.....
      I hope we can source some good advice from you all,
      Cheers Mark and Michelle....

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      Hello Mark & Michelle, Welcome

      Martin and I haven't been on here long but everybody is great and its a good feelng when people offer you advice to any questions you have. You know you are not alone in the sometimes frustrating journey it can be to get to Oz.

      Martin did his TRA back in August last year (it seems so long ago now) and although we didn't have any barriers, because we have a good agent who gave us all the advice we needed, it was still more complex and long winded than we realised it would be. Are you using an agent? If so, ask them lots of questions, they are there to help; that's what you pay your money for.

      Keep your chin up, it will all work out in the end and just think after all the hard work you put in, your dream will soon be reality.

      We thought applying, and all the agro that goes with it, was frustrating but trying to sell the house is the biggest thing that's bothering us now. We just keep telling ourselves "it will happen".

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      Hi Mark & Michelle

      Welcome to PIA, good luck with your journey, it's a hard and arduous one but worth it when you get here.

      Keep us posted with your progress and as said ask away for questions someone on here will be able to offer helpful advice and keep you grounded.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      The Pottertons
      Hi Mark and Michelle. Hope the tra business sorts itself quickly. It is a nightmare system! Good Luck and welcome to PIA. Yvonne

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      Mark Mac
      Hi Guys,
      Thanks for all your hello's.
      I'm working in Hull at the moment doing flood damage repairs and internet time is limited.
      When I get home at the weekend I will tell you about the nightmare I have had with the TRA.
      I am talking to migration people now purely out of desperation.
      Regards Mark.....

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      Hi Mark welcome to PIA.

      There are plenty of people that have done it before so you will not be without help.



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