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      Voting in Adelaide, when ?

      When is it we are supposed to vote in Adelaide please, keep seeing the ads but have no idea when you are supposed to vote, I am a citizen so I am thinking I would have to but I am not at a permenant address so would they even know where I am to send me the forms? as I am not paying rates etc as on a campsite? can anyone advise please? we had a pending fine from when we first left the UK as when I left the country we assumed that they would automatically know we had gone (silly me) something to be careful of if you do leave to go back to the UK for any period of time, we were able to prove we were not in the country so it was ok and it came to light when we tried to renew our licenses many thanks, just needing the date to vote for this election and if I would have to vote please any advice much appreciated thanks

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      You can check if you are enrolled to vote here https://oevf.aec.gov.au/ but I think it might be too late to change anything if you're note. You could always try contacting your local MP's office and asking them to help you - I am sure they will be keen to help if it means they will get your vote! Oh, and 7th September is voting day
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