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Hiya and welcome to PIA.

Good luck on your visa journey here.

I was talking to a nice Singaporean bloke recently.

It seems to be very expensive to live there now from what he tells me.

It IS!!
While it might not be the most expensive city in the world, we certainly feel the burden.

If you want to buy a car, you are prepared to pay COE (Certificate of Entitlement) in order to own a car in Singapore. Currently it's going for S$16,000 (below 1600cc) and S$20,000 (above 1600cc), on top of the car price. Mind you, you are allowed to own this car for 10 years only...

We also spend at least S$5 for using highway and going in CBD area each day during peak hour. There is no other way like other cities, meaning that you either pay up or be late for work.

It's unlucky if you are a smoker and living in Singapore. It costs S$12 for a pack of cigarette. That's almost A$10 per pack!!

Rental of Condo can go from S$5K-8K for a 3-Room per month, with full facilities. Depending on location of course, it can be much higher.

For a decent landed house, I am using houses on www.realestate.com.au as benchmark, those are selling for A$300K+, it will cost at least S$1.5-2million here.

But honestly, we have our perks too.