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    Thread: Looking to Emigrate to Adelaide rom Bedfordshire UK

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      Looking to Emigrate to Adelaide rom Bedfordshire UK

      I am a mummy to twin 3 year old girls, we are looking to emigrate to Australia, Adelaide in particular. My husband has been told that he should get 60 points for the visa, I am really looking forward to it and can't wait for our new life down under. I know there will be problems and missing home and family etc etc. I have had a major malfunction this morning, and panicked that I would not be able to bring my horses ashes over with me, and I can not possibly begin to think about leaving her back in England. She has been in our bedroom ever since being cremated 4 years ago. Does anyone know if I would be able to bring animal ashes into the county please.

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      Hi there.
      I found this on the Australian Customs website:

      "Can I bring my pet's ashes back to Australia?
      Cremated pet remains may be hand carried as part of personal baggage or may be sea or air freighted or sent via the post to Australia. Anybody wishing to hand carry these items are advised to carry a letter from the pet or animal cemetary.

      There are no duties or taxes levied on animal remains.

      However, if the remains have arrived as part of an air, sea or mail consignment they must be reported via the Integrated Cargo System (ICS). This cane be done via a Self-Assessed Clearance (SAC) or Import Declaration.

      The remains should be presented to DAFF Biosecurity for inspection.
      For more information regarding DAFF requirements please contact DAFF Biosecurity.

      DAFF Biosecurity
      Tel: +61 2 6272 3933
      Free call from within Australia - 1800 020 504
      Email: pr@daff.gov.au
      Human and Animal Remains"

      Hope this helps.
      Best of luck with it all!
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      Seems like the previous poster has given you the info you'll need - just add them to your container and declare it on your list of items.

      Welcome to the forum and good luck with the whole process - this won't be the only panic you'll go through but you should find all the help you need on here

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      Yep ..you'll have no problem. They will be more interested in the casket they are in, than the actual ashes themselves. We bought over the ashes of our dogs (4 caskets). They were in wooden caskets and they checked the wood for disease. We took them in our container,so made sure they were the last thing to be packed and declared them. No probs at all.



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